Minneapolis Messaround 2013

MPLS Messaround this year was A-Okay. A good turnout of cars complimented by a bounty of rockabilly and greaser kids. Some women looked like pinup centerfolds and other women looked like men.

Jordan from Union Speed and Style built an incredible Panhead for Born Free 5 this year and despite the fact that it didn’t make it to the People’s Champ judging, it’s turned a lot of heads. I think he’ll be getting some real estate in magazines like Cycle Source and Time. Regardless, he brought it to his booth and it was nice to see because the attention to detail and fabrication skills are absolutely incredible. He said that he stopped counting labor hours into it after 2,000.

Union Speed Style Panhead Jordan Union Speed Panhead 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe Chopped Chopped Deuce Coupe Interior Chevy 3100 Truck Dash Shovelhead Chopper Open Primary

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  1. Great photos once again! I see you’re still rockin’ the 35mm. Welcome to my medium. You get a chance to check out the Bearded Lady this year?

    1. I missed Bearded Lady because I was on that trip out west, unfortunately, but it sounded like it was pretty cool. You?

      I got my 35mm setup out with some new glass, but I was shooting a 20 year old roll of film that was developed at Costco. It looks pretty shitty.

  2. I was camping like a bro up in Wiscansin! I wish I would have been able to make it. Someone hit my bike in a parking lot over a week ago and I’ve been repairing things here and there. Frankensteiner’s Ball is up next! I want to check that place out. Your montage from last fall was killer.

    The film looks good for 20 year old rolls. It’ll always have that vintage look. Look at my photos on FB and they all have that “glow”. Perfect for the bearded choppers we enjoy. Try black and white film as well. That’s my favorite. West Photo in Minneapolis is one of the only good places left for this junk.

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