The Chopper on it’s Own 2 Legs

Brad’s in Milwaukee at Harley’s 110th, others are in Davenport rummaging through piles of priceless springers for Wassell tanks and I’m at the desk basking under the fluorescent lights – so it seemed like a fitting time to resurrect the internet personality.

Last entry was deraking this gnarly ’52 wishbone frame and something like 4 hours later I had a complete chopper. It’s been a straight riot to have on the road and I owe a ton to Brad, Justin and the bros at the Good Times Emporium in MSP.

I’ll continue to throw up build details into the future, but the ’79 motor is cradled in Eric’s old wishbone with a 4 over repop springer; I’m very into its aggressive stance. The sporty tank was off of my first Harley and the rear fender is one of Lowbrow’s English knock offs. The icing on the cake was Brad painting the gorgeous moss green in satin.

My ma’s friend gave me her old film camera and it still had a roll in it that’s probably 30 years old. I just got these photos back from it. Maybe next summer I’ll get some shots of the left side.

Mustari Shovelhead Wishbone Springer Chopper Shovelhead Chopper Sissybar

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