Movie Monday – Werewolves on Wheels, 1971

I saw a picture of a guy’s chopper-haven basement and above the Panhead motor on the coffee table and 45 Springer rolling chassis were three classic biker movie posters. The fact that this dude was adorning his household domain with biker gold led me to believe he was no puss when it came to taste in cinema. Werewolves on Wheels was the only title I didn’t recognize and I was lucky enough to score a complete, pixelated version on YouTube.

The opening credits include a dude backseating his Panhead chopper and a bro surfing his narrow glide club bike through the desert… the score’s great like the rest of the movie. Unless you’re really drunk and high I’d recommend refilling your glass during the werewolf part at the end, though. There are also some great satanic black magic undertones for the occultists. I screenshot Satan’s bride dancing with the snake to back up my point.

Being 1971, Shovels with alternators were only 2 years on the streets so it’s a ton of awesome Panheads and Ironheads in full generator glory. Happy Halloween

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  1. I watched this…I’ll never get that 2 hours of my life back. Thanks prick.

    1. dansome says:


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