Chopper & Kustom Art – Cay Broendum & Adam Turman

I happened upon Cay Broendum‘s work over the weekend while checking out general chopper art. This guy is based out of Copenhagen and he’s incredibly talented; making all sorts of wares from paintings to furniture to bikes. His Pinterest is the first thing I stumbled upon and it’s loaded with his work and content. There’s a lot of art and culture ingrained in the design of motorcycles and most builders I’ve met have been gifted artists… I especially dig when these people make a go at it full time. Cay’s springer lamp above this text is pure sex and a pretty bold move for $2000 in usable parts.

Below is Adam Turman, a local artist in the Minneapolis area. I met him 5 years ago at an art show in the apartment complex that I was living in. He turns out some very cool prints and hangs tight to local culture and folklore. I’m especially attracted to his pinup and hot rod work, which I have some examples of below. I fell in love with “Freckles”, pictured underneath my wordage, and she’s hung next to my bed through 3 moves.

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