Pour Another Cup of Coffee & Enjoy This…

Deep in the Clutches

I swiped this from The Horse BC’s Balktalk. Women on bikes are foxy and a little home maintenance goes a long way.

It’s Micky Lynn’s Harley Davidson Ironhead chop and I think it’s a really cool, dirty little machine. Good functionality though with disc brakes front and back and a riding stance that looks to fit her perfectly. That’s a sharp looking frame too, judging by the photos. A lot of the Ironhead chops out there sport whacky weld or bolt-on tail sections that are poorly done and take away from the bike.

My first chop was a similar Ironhead with Z-bars similar to these. I’ll throw some photos up soon.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. stud says:

    That makes my Weiner feel funny.

  2. I googled Micky Lynn… “Debbie Does Dallas”.

    1. I was the guy with the mustache.

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