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  1. stud says:

    I don’t know the person posting this Bullshit, but you need to get a better life.

    1. Stud, a real man would dig on the exposed boob in photo #2. You must be too young to know an exotic breast when you see one.

      1. stud says:

        You make me sick. Get out from your moms basement once, go to a God damn strip club, pull your blankly away from your face and look around at the filthy strippers to see what tits are suppose to look like !

      2. stud says:

        Sorry about my hostility.sometimes the voices in my head steer me in the wrong direction. I really like the picture of that shovel at the top, is that yours ? If your up to it, I would like to get you drunk and look at more pictures of your bike.

  2. KP says:

    This is the strangest string of comments I’ve seen in awhile. There is clearly not enough opportunity for Stud to let out his aggression in the real world. Perhaps aerobic kick boxing and left-to-right masturbation would be a good alternative to submitting thoughtless and inane comments like the above *gestures around*, but anyway, I like trek #4 also.

    1. stud says:

      Sorry kp, this is the closest I’ve ever been to real rough neck bikers, maybe I’m not ready to ride with you guys yet.

      1. KP says:

        my neck is soft, don’t worry Stud. I’ll pat you on the back for your good prose and then offer you a hand massage with hemp oil if it helps get your bike on the road. What do you ride?

      2. stud says:

        I normally never would admit to this, but I feel safe here. I ride a sportster.
        I don’t care how I am viewed by society for owning one, I love it.
        “never trade the thrill of living for the safety of existence”

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