Bikes from Messaround

This is a really well done Triumph unit chop. Simple, but plenty of attention to detail. Copper lines, velocity stacks, chain tensioner and a whole lot of chrome. That tank is fantastic.

Tristan Henderson, from Further Performance, owns this awesome little GS400 lane-splitter. He was a pleasure to talk to and is a very knowledgeable guy. This thing purrs like a kitten and rips to 11 grand on the tach despite a little loss of compression. Tristan told us that he was going to run a top-end on it to ensure that no XS650 could keep up. Also note the once round and now flat rear tire… it aged into a fine slick. He also owns the Ironhead in the background of the above photo which he hand-shifted into the lot Sunday morning.

This Panhead above could tell some stories…

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