More on Frankensteiners’ Ball

I posted a few back on the Frankensteiners’ car club Ball in Anoka, MN and here are a few more photos and stories.

This was a gorgeous specimen of a ’55 F100.

Justin & Tahn’s pup Holley came to enforce integrity and schedule. She is a dog of action.We had the privilege of meeting Robert Beck, who is pictured above. He was a Huey pilot in Vietnam and is now a retired airplane mechanic. I wish that I had some good photos that turned out of his trike, but I had the settings whacked out on the camera.

It was custom built in ’94 with an Evo motor mounted sideways (45 degree rotation) to throw a drive shaft back to the rear differential. It won best in show in Sturgis that year, but was thrown in an airplane hangar shortly after when the previous owner lost interest in it and the flak he was taking for owning a trike.

Robert came across the bike years ago in the hangar and became pals with the owner who had it stashed away. Robert expressed his interest in it, but it wasn’t until years later when the owner called him and said he only had weeks to live because he was dying of throat cancer that it became Roberts. Robert came out and helped him clear his belongings from the hangar and they worked a deal out on the trike… shortly after, the owner passed away, but he had lived a week longer than anticipated.

Robert has it on the road frequently and is a passionate rider, highly-intelligent mechanic and gentleman. Our hats’ off to you and we thank you for serving this country, Robert.

Above and below is Andy Mayer’s XS650. He owns and operates a custom airbrushing company called Aesthetic Air. I stumbled upon his posse and we got to shoot the shit for a few minutes. His flagship was the custom painted peanut tank on his bobber, which was decked out in a rad undead theme. He does some cool work that you can appreciate on close inspection and it fit in great at the Halloween themed show.

It was nice to meet him and hopefully we’ll get a chance to kick it with him again and get some more information.

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