The Final Ride for 2012

My good friend Brad and I kicked it down on the bikes for what may be the final ride of the year. MN Weather is reporting a slippery slope starting this week so it’ll be open cases instead of open roads.

Without Brad neither of my bikes would have ever made it to the asphalt. Together we cranked out the bobber and restored the Shovel to a road-worthy state. This winter’s no exception and we’ll be back to zen fabrication in a month or so for next year’s spring shows and the ride to Born Free.

Also, bingo starts the 24th at Route 65 this year so don’t be late (first photo).

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  1. Siren says:

    Holy shit that long hair biker is hot! I’d like to see more of him…..too bad its the last ride. Nice bikes boys. Good pics.

  2. Siren says:

    BTW….I wonder who makes Brads flannel and how long he’s had those boots.

    1. Fortunately, he’s also a male model and will be on the fashion blog soon. That getup was spot on.

      1. Liz-Rex says:

        are those frye boots i see!?! once i have greater than negative monies i’mma buy me some of those.

  3. stud says:

    roll on mother fuckers !

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