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My good friend and amigo blogger, Marcus @ Columbus & Co, did this feature on some threads I was wearing. Style’s key and he’s helped keep me dapper and functional at the same time. Ladies beware…

Columbus & Co.

I was able to catch up with Joe of Mustari Brand to take a few photos of one of his favorite styles. Joe is a Northern Minnesota dweller and is very hands on so he prefers clothing that is built of quality and will last through the tough environments he goes through whether it be building choppers or chopping wood.

Joe is wearing a Heimie’s Haberdashery private label cotton flannel shirt that was tailored to fit. The shirt is very durable and he feels comfortable wearing it working or hanging with friends. His jeans are Raleigh Denim purchased from Black Blue in Saint Paul, Minnesota. These jeans have been worn hunting, fishing, working on engines in shops and pretty much everywhere you’d be able to tear them up. They fit true to size and are built to last pretty much anything. He’s owned them for less than 6 months. The…

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. stud says:

    Seriously guys, enough is enough.

  2. Stud…you are the next feature on Columbus & Co.

  3. Liz-Rex says:

    lady. killer.

  4. Justin Moen says:

    This whole post is funny.

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