Barn Homes & Layin’ Roots

Before dropping roots, buying a kid, building 1.5 houses & a few cars I’d like to rebuild/resto/retrofit an old barn into a home on a solid plot of land. The ground level could make for an excellent shop while a segregated upper level would be the living space. It’s a lot to ask from an older barn in the right, open territory so it wouldn’t be a shortcoming to just build a pole building in barn-style with this layout in mind, as far as I’m concerned.

Here are a few photos of this concept, minus shop, in all their glorious beauty.

Also, here’s a great photo of our friend Darren:

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  1. stud says:

    And how long do you suppose that would take to re do a barn project like that ??????

    1. I’m not sure… Do you know anyone with construction arms, and brain?

    2. Matriarch says:

      A shorter time than a garage project. Maybe reduce the time by a couple years??

  2. stud says:

    There is no such creature, that’s purely urban legend.

  3. stud says:

    that sarcasm sounds vaguely familiar.

    1. If there was a like button or thumbs up I’d click it right now.

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