LIFE Photos from 60’s Outlaw Scene

1963-1965 Big Twin emblems on this peanut Sportster tank. In the lifespan of these logos they were on the last Panhead and the first Electraglide.

I’ve collected a lot of photos that I’ve come across over the years and there’s a folder full of the late 60’s Outlaw scene, specifically the HA’s on the West Coast. From what I understand, a lot of these pics were from the Baraboo chapter. Most of the photos came from an XL Sportster thread at the time so there are plenty of Ironheads in here. I’ll bring more around in the future.

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  1. KP says:

    this is a great theme, continue with it. dig deep man, this shit is priceless

  2. stud says:

    I agree man !
    Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.

    1. Sir, you are a gentlemen and a scholar.

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