HD Tent @ State Fair

Harley’s tent at the fair was weirdo central and it was awesome. A simple John Hancock on the paper and you’re a Son of Anarchy, or something.

I would like to do a review and test drive of the new XR 1200. I think I have something like 3 followers right now so hopefully there’s an avenue through that network.

I call this “The Gay Sporty”. I should probably have watermarked it in every corner and the center too because Harley will rip this off and use it for advertisement.

It’s like a broken dyno, essentially. They have a Sportster tied down and you can drive it through the gears up to 65mph. In the bottom left of the photo you can see one of the blue fans that cool the motor and blast wind in your hair like an outlaw… the effects are noticeable on the frays of his jean cut-off shorts… please reread that for effect.

Is was cool to see the kids having some fun on it and a girlfriend of mine got to try it out with colorful feedback. If the line was shorter I would have taken my shirt off and done it too.

Anyway, in the picture is Melvin, MustariBrand’s new technical adviser. That’s a company paid phone on his hip and polarized glasses. My brother at columbusandco¬† will be doing a fashion writeup on him later.

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  1. Justin Moen says:

    Here is my review of the xr 1200 it rides like a buell

  2. This is such a great blog over here. I wanna thank you for that and I’ll visit your website again. Please take a look at my website also??? Thanks!

    1. Dude, your site is rad! I look forward to using your services when I go to Amsterdam again… Thanks for following.

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