The Hot Rods of Agriculture

Justin will always find the parallels to hot rodding, whether direct connections or abstract. Here’s a 3-piece wheel for the import buffs. We were rocking it row crop since the beginning.

This Case tractor was so self-sufficient that it even held its own tent up. That side steer is rad and will be a conversation starter at Sunday’s Mess Around car show… My next hot rod project is going to be a tractor.

“How’s he gaining on us?”
“I don’t know, that thing’s suped up or something!”

This thing was like the Jeepers Creepers tractor.

Bob Wilson was farming Brooklyn Park decades ago and purchased his tractor at a dealership in town. In ’94 he sold the farmland and retired into restoring the tractors that he once used. He’s the original owner of a handful of them and they’re immaculate.

This thing was killer. Open chain drive before it was cool… the hipsters would think it righteous right before it tears an arm off. It was also a tractor of the future, it’s fully equipped with an aluminum crankcase and roller rockers… I’m not sure if Chevy has even adopted that yet.

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  1. h bomb says:

    that open primary is brilliant dude, nice capture. It will either rip an arm off nor castrate an unlikely bohemian gawker – either way, kustom kulture lives on

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