Fancy Ray

And suddenly, Fancy Ray! The State Fair could hardly contain his personality and it was a riot talking to him. He’s top notch. The gallery has more photos of him.

More on State Fair

This dude was great. Huge American flag on his back and note that thigh tattoo.

HD Tent @ State Fair

Harley’s tent at the fair was weirdo central and it was awesome. A simple John Hancock on the paper and you’re a Son of Anarchy, or something. I would like to do a review and test drive of the new XR 1200. I think I have something like 3 followers right now so hopefully there’s…

MN State Fair

The MN State fair is a super content rich environment. It’s hard not to get excited when you approach the entrance and see 4 million people scrambling like a sweaty ant farm, but we had to remind ourselves that we didn’t go there to have fun. Show up early and case the layout to get…