Harley Choppers in Minnesota – Adding a Steed to the Stable

Joe Panhead Chopper Springer

With December about to close its doors for the year I had to get it in gear and find something more than a front end to call my chopper build and ride to Born Free 5 in the spring. Justin reached out to the St. Paul crowd through Zac Doom from Heavy Clothing and got wind of a shovel roller that was looking for a new home. A group of something like 5 guys share shop space on Selby Avenue and crank out some of the best, purist choppers in Minnesota. As soon as I walked in the door I recognized almost every one of the numerous bikes from magazines like Street Chopper, Showclass & Wrench.

The top Panhead belongs to Joe and the colorful chrome cruiser below was built by Dave who had the Shovel I was looking at. Both bikes are exquisite specimens. They are a very cool crowd too and it was good talking shop with them over a beer. We cruised around sitting on bikes and swapping some stories before I flipped Dave a rubber band bank and rolled my new project into the back of Justin’s truck.

My new Shovel is the last picture below. The stock motor and ratchet top 4-speed sit inside of a Paughco frame that has been de-raked for a very close front tire. I like a lot of what’s on there right now like the oil tank and open belt primary drive, but it’ll be in pieces soon. I was leaning toward a more traditional build with the 45 springer front end and some narrowed fat bob tanks, but it’s feeling a little more difficult now because the previous builder had a neat vision for it… the stance is aggressive and rad. I feel like it’s just begging to do a wheelie. I’ll be documenting the build here.

Also, 10,000 views yesterday so my mom must have been busy on her iPad… thanks to my readers.

Harley Panhead Motor Chopper Chrome Panhead Chopper Dave Panhead Chopper Harley Shovelhead Chopper Skinny

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  1. KP says:

    I think your 10 thousandth metric represents a steady lot more followership than just Ma, brother.
    that’s a sick new ride and it’s a long time coming that you’d be rocking and rolling with something so serious. you deserve it, and you’ve got everyone on board and off excited about this new build.
    i look forward to the first day of riding in 2013 for you, Godspeed

    1. Thanks for the good words and support. I’ll be seeing you out there.

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