It’s Justin’s Birthday, Help Us Celebrate

Justin Moen29 years ago this good man left a moist and safe cocoon to join the world of the reckless… fast cars, fast women, chop ’till you drop. Among the illest of men he’s a great friend and good man.

When we were younger I was a freshmen in high school and Justin was a senior; he took me under his wing arm and showed me the world. We slid sideways in that big block Polara and chased tail even after the fuses blew on those subwoofers.

Come help celebrate his birthday in Nordeast, MPLS and get this boy slapped. We’ll be from Ground Zero to TJ’s. If you’re trying to get down email your resume, skill sets and a photo to

If you see him on the streets, lick his face.

Justin's a man of action... Here he is putting on with Jeezy.
Justin’s a man of action… Here he is putting on with Jeezy.

Party Time Having Fun Party

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