Wrench Magazine: Fresh off the Press

Wrench Magazine Issue 1In Yankee territory ’tis the season to burn your old magazines to stay warm and buy new ones to remember why your feet keep moving on each day. Wrench Magazine just hit the shelves and it’s guts looked great when I split it open.

Wrench hails from Paisano Publications, who brought us the likes of Easyriders “from ’71 when choppers were king” as the mag reads. I’m not sweating much that Easyriders is up to in this century, but it’s cool to see how the style moves on. In my eyes nothing compares to the art and culture America churned with choppers in the 60’s and 70’s, but where it’s going is important just like where it’s been.

My favorite bikes and culture are mainly coming from a passionate and unique demographic that shows up on this blog with our interests… it’s motivation comes predominately from the 60’s/70’s era(s), but while maintaining those roots it’s not just living in a time capsule, but rather pushing forward with its own spin on things. Wrench has paid the best tribute to this I’ve seen so far.

The mag has insofar put a pretty heavy focus on the culture of today’s bikes, their builders and the lifestyles that they accommodate. The pages are filled with rad photos, some in black and white classic street photography style and others are colorful and brilliant shots of detailed fabrication and paintwork. There are some solid tech moments with a promise to pull features from the archives of Paisano, which is a real treat, because that’s when this world was being forged.

I won’t reveal the surprises, but buy an issue… I’m in for a subscription…. Jeff Decker even has a feature for all you motorcycle enthusiasts and Mormons out there. Issue one (collector’s edition) is on the shelf still and although I haven’t framed it in glass yet I look forward to reading what these bros spit out for hopefully years to come. I didn’t want to steal their glory so here are some random choppers… enjoy your weekends.

Shovelhead ChopperSkinny Chopper Lane Splitter ShovelOutlaw Chopper FTW

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