For Those About to Bob…

I saw this some time back on the Haints blog and got a kick out of it. This had to be a blueprint on how to major in badassness back in ’54. With these simple modifications you could build a period correct bobber when the only period you had was correct, assuming that was your goal.

If I had a Panhead with these changes made to it I’d be pleased as hell. I’m going to make an instruction card like this for making a cool machine out of a Harley FXR… it’s going to involve a blowtorch, pair of pliers and 2 yards of cement.

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  1. stud says:

    Just curious, where does all your free time come from ? Do you have a day job ?

    1. I blog/internet full time… I thought that would have been apparent.

  2. Cement is a powder, should have used the term concrete. Common mistake among neanderthals.

  3. I’m going to do this with a moped.

  4. Liz-Rex says:

    every time i read the post title, i can’t help but sing “weeeeee sallluuuuuute you”. High point of summer camp? when Drew Richmond used the cannon and made all the little girls sing that line.

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