Vescio’s Customizing & Resto

 Dropping frames and lifting motors… Bo’s future shop car.

Da boof’
The lot at Vescio’s. His ‘Lac is in the background and the roof recently received a spray of orange candy and heavy flake. It’s pretty tough even without the bull horns on the grille.

Justin worked at Bo Vescio’s Customizing & Restorations some years back and they still maintain their friendship. We were in the area the other day and took a pass through the shop. Although it was a beehive with all the customers, employees and cars in constant motion we got a chance to shoot the shit for a few minutes and take some photos. His shop is fertile ground for hot rodding.

His upcoming shop car that started the photo set above began life as a Model A coupe, but spent a lot of time under the saw. Among many changes the most notable Justin and I dug on were the widened body, removed top for the roadster life and lifted motor so you can always enjoy the sight of not only your intake, but heads too. Bo’s a solid guy and I’ll be back with more on him in the future.

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