Best Properties on the Market

The Week Magazine is pretty much my exclusive news source. It presents both sides and maintains relevant content while appealing to our useless curiosities. They have “Best Properties on the Market” every issue and this week’s theme was rad pads with epic garages. This is for those of you home shopping in Sonoma or wanting to feel a little uncertain about your current life decisions today…The view is nice, but that ice skating rink on the ledge looks kind of small.The current owner’s interests seem pretty diversified, unless he or she is just renting someone else’s hobby farm. “When you take the photo, make sure my 90’s sport bikes are in the foreground… I’ll be right back with my windbreaker collection, which I’ll drape over the seats.” The garage spread is Nirvana. I’d jog next to the British bike section too. If you’d like to see more photos or make an offer here’s the link.

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  1. h bomb says:

    This is a cool post but “The Week is pretty much my only news source” is a very problematic statement. Have you been to the bbc? They have lots of good ways to read non-biased journalism. al-Jazeera, the Asian American Press, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also come to mind. Otherwise, cool pics bro.

    1. Liz-Rex says:

      I’ll agree…. with reservations about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Their local section is good, but writing about politically complicated events at an 8th grade reading level has its problems. Several of their staff writers need to re-learn grammar skills as well.

      1. KP says:

        I like the MJS for its local coverage — tough to find suitable Milwaukee coverage elsewhere.

        xo liz, miss you ((hugs))

    2. Kenny says:

      you’re right, but this blog would probably best succeed using your infinite knowledge as its news source.

  2. Love the space, maybe we can pool our money together.

    1. Haha! I agree, when does blogging become a 7-figure job?

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