Wishbone Wednesday was Yesterday…

Wishbone frames can be an excellent compliment to a bike’s design when left exposed on a narrow build. I snagged this bike above from a writeup on Chop Cult and it belongs to Herb from Holden, MA. It’s a ’51 Pan/Shovel with a cool, simplistic design. The lower bike I found on the Jockey Journal and it was built by Wrecked Metals, whom you’ll find on my blogroll. I have a lot of respect for the work that they do over there and if you want to read his build thread, here’s the link. It’s a heady magneto-fired Shovelhead in a Paughco wishbone frame with 2″ of leg stretch. There’s a lot of custom fab work that went into the build and he documented it pretty well. I really dig on those forward controls.

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