Happy Monday

Justin sent me these 3 from the vault. That first Shovelhead at the top with the contemporary K/Q seat and John Harman front end is the best 70’s chopper I have ever seen. I wish I could find more photos of it. The other two are excellent samples of proper bikes. I’m usually not too keen on angled tanks like coffins, prisms and the like, but the last pic of the Shovel with the Sparto tail light and another Harman front end does it right for me. Enjoy yer Monday.

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    1. KP says:

      thats right stanislav, el puro

  1. totenchopf says:

    that first pic of the long bike w/the harman girder was built for the S&S 50th anniversary in 2008 by chris olson and featured in iron works magazine july 2008

    1. Thanks for the ID, man!

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