Overpriced Excellence in the Country of the Rising Sun

I’ve been trying to keep a closer eye on the Japanese lately because they’re crafty and from my perspective in Minnesota, pretty understated too. There are some folks on that island that take American hot rod culture pretty seriously and not only are they fabricating the components of this lifestyle they are also doing a totally bang-up job.

I’m not familiar with whatever socioeconomic factors are affecting their buying power, but American bike parts (and other corresponding shit) is going for ungodly prices over there, but they’re still making it happen. For those in the scene this isn’t breaking news, but it continues to surprise me.

I wanted a new wallet and I wanted it to be rad. I found this puppy and it’s going for 62,000 Yen, which as far as I’m concerned could have been $15 or my soul… a quick conversion later and it turns out to be $800. Someone told me slabside motors are $15,000 at a minimum in Japan! Generations later we’ll be left with nothing but Honda scooters and some flat screens.

All the power to them, though…. and if anyone is making cool long wallets out here in America for less than a plane ticket please email me.

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  1. stud says:

    I will keep you in mind.I will hopefully be harvesting some material for wallets and jackets soon.

  2. Great Stud! I have a ton of extra lotion too, in a bucket.

  3. stud says:

    Anyone under the age of 30 won’t get this, but my close friends call me ” the flesh prince of Bellaire”

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