Blue Cat Motors Gathering

Blue Cat Motors specializes in your import & cafe scene out of St. Paul, MN. A tailor/upholsterer we work with recommended checking out their 3rd Thursday of the month gathering so we made a swing through last week.

The weather was dismal, but the bikes were cool. I met Casey, who owns this XS650 above, and we talked shop on import customs for most of my stay. He picked this bike up on the cheap in a virtually all-original state. The design work he took upon himself and Blue Cat got involved with some fine engine tuning. I liked the subtle nuances such as the front blinkers and fork brace. The rear rim was raised to an 18″ as well, as I recall, and with that rubber wrapped around those spokes it has a purposeful stance… like the perfect getaway bike. Casey’s a solid guy and and I hope we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

This wasn’t a Norton Featherbed frame encasing the Triumph motor to make it a true Triton, but it had the authentic race design.

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  1. My kind of rides. All the small 650’s are right up my alley. Let’s chop some up.

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