A Culture for your Kulture… if you insist.

Ratatat Knuckle Nirvana


Chop top Merc’ sled
Vantastic Fantasy
Justin’s small block Pinto with the raddest of pony paint

Picture Justin and me rollin’ in the ‘Lac.

So, we were cruising through a parking garage the other day talking about how the connotation of cool things can be ruined at times by their pseudo-guarded and over-saturated cultures. For example, Justin mentioned how in reality fixie bikes are cool (one fixed-gear and brakeless – stripped down machines), but they’re a drag to be around generally because the rider will have a reindeer-themed sweater that has non-iPod issued headphones curling through mahogany buttons and he’ll curl his mustache and throb his presence.

So Justin laid into it bringing up a great point, saying, “Why does everything have to have a culture? Can’t people just appreciate it for it’s purpose? You know who deserves a culture? Astronauts deserve their own culture.”.

Justin sent me this great photo spread tonight without provocation. It came in essentially this order, ending with a sweet photo of his small block Pinto

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  1. stud says:

    I love the pinto shot. It brings back some bitter sweet memories. Although I loved that car, I once drug a large grotesque, beast like woman out of a bar, and ended up conceiving a child in that damn car !

    1. I have this awesome image in my mind that looks similar to a flesh-colored waterbed that’s filled with cottage cheese pressed up against the window.

    2. Justin Moen says:

      Stud can take it on its first trip this spring now.

  2. stud says:

    Put around 150 heat boils on it and you are right there !

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