70/83 Ironhead: First Build

Dave’s F4I, Herk’s Exploder & the Ironhead

Herk and I picked up this 1970 Ironhead in the winter of ’07 in original, but very shitty condition and went right after the frame. I hooked up a weld-on hardtail with some other simplicities and had her on the road the following year with the help of my friend, Braduary. 5 miles into my maiden voyage, when I reached home, the engine that I never did more than a top end rebuild on cracked in half across the drive gear… a fellow familiar with Ironheads shouldn’t be too shocked, but it sucked and wasn’t planned on.

Getting the cases welded back up isn’t an issue, but pricing gets steep when it comes to cutting the welded bead unless you are a skilled machinist or are sleeping with one. It was cheaper for me to buy an ’83 1000 that a dude tore out of his frame to replace with a Buell motor. I ripped out on an overnight drive from Minneapolis to Indiana and had it back the next day… a few days later she was ripping down the road.

Herk just introduced me to my now good friend Liz when these photos were taken with her new Canon. Today she’s in med school in Wisco and the Ironhead is apart for some paint that will come from Justin after a few modifications.

Something like a month ago some punk-ass 10 year old was giving Liz shit because he hadn’t learned to flirt yet… the convo went exactly like this:

Pre-Teen: “You’re not that tough.”

Liz: “Kid, I cut open dead bodies for a living and play rugby… that’s football without pads… come at me, bro, I dare you!”

Liz is as rad as they come.

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  1. Liz-Rex says:

    Love and hugs from Wisco. ❤

  2. KP says:

    This thread is so rad

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