Full Tilt Minnesota

This is a beautiful example of a Panhead Chop. Slabside generators like this make my corduroys tight.
Swanky Ironhead Swinger
I forgot what crew put this together, but it’s a cool bike. The paint job on that peanut is awesome and narrow glide front ends with spools sit well with me. I remember seeing it at Donnie Smith too… so pipe in if you know it’s origin or if you built it.

Full Tilt is one of Minnesota’s few purist chopper shows. Events like this, the David Mann show in Nordeast this year & Bearded Lady are as good as they come. We can thank Heavy for rounding it up along with support from other crews like Union Speed & HA 81, among others.

Columbus&Co hooked me up with these righteous shots of a few attendees. Their watermark is pure sex in the bottom right corner of the photos.

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  1. Wow…great write up and I appreciate the hook up Mustaribrand!

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