More Weekend Whips

Steve Anderson’s ’32 “Medusa” deuce coupe.
Another way she got the name Medusa… snake-like (head)ers.

She’s real fine, my progressive-linkage triple-carb 409.

1966 Plymouth VIP Grill
Love the goat. ’66 GTO
Shot some Velvia 50… for the photographer buffs.

Here are some more photos from Saturday’s car shows. Justin and I did St. Bonaventure with Columbus & Co during the midday and then Anoka, MN in the eveing.

Justin helped build the Deuce Coupe project (Medusa at top) at Vescio’s when he was working there some years back. It’s a true show-stopper and it’s on the market right now for a cool quarter million, or something comparable.

Eventually, we’ll get a feature in here on Vescio’s hot rod shop in Rogers, MN and some of the sleds that come out of there.






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gorgeous machinery. The angles are pristine! I wish I would have been able to bless the festival with my presence.

  2. Justin Moen says:

    One of the best days I have had in a long time

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