Where Georgia O’keefe Sat Her Flower.

Photo Courtesy: Andrew J. Herkert
New Mexico Museum of Art
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Herk did a romp around in Santa Fe and came across this rad WL that belonged to the one and only, Geogria O’Keefe. He found it in the archives and emailed it to me yesterday for the blog and we got a hearty laugh out of it. I have mixed emotions on Georgia from having been forced to stare at countless prints throughout the years, but I have always appreciated her colors, composition and heavy sexual undertones.

When I dream at night I’m riding a whacky, 70’s knucklehead that’s all stretched out and next to me is Aphrodite on this exact bike and we’re riding through the Milky Way. Maybe it was Georgia all along.

I don’t know the year and didn’t look it up, but those emblems ran between 1940 and 1950. It’s a stellar, original flathead motor with a rocker clutch and tank shift… she must have been hella’ cool cooking down the streets of New Mexico on that machine. I read through Harley somewhere that those emblems are pretty rare because it was during war time and the materials were scarce.

Awesome bike, indeed.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. KP says:

    this is a fantastic post

    1. Thanks brother KP, for being such a heady contributor.

  2. palomino says:

    Its a 45 front isn’t it?

    1. Yezzir… I checked pricing the other day and repops are even a cool $1500. I could see that on your Iron with the axed Mustang tank.

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