Minneapolis Messaround

The Messaround is a fantastic period correct car show in Minneapolis at the Memory Lanes Bowling Alley. The cars are top-notch hot rods, the bikes were killer and the scene is solid greaser culture. I’m passionate about tattooed women and cars with more than 5 carburetors so it was very relative to my interests.  http://www.minneapolismessaround.com/

Justin and I made it down about an hour after it opened so there was time to cover the show and then watch Crankshaft play. Alex “Crankshaft” Larson is a rock n’ roll king, period. Justin and Alex are bros from back in high school and although I’ve heard of him I’m surprised that I didn’t hear his music until a month or so ago. I have a lot of pride in my record collection and I could spin a playlist that would woo Mississippi queens and lumberjacks alike…. and Crankshaft is all I’m listening to right now. Vote for him on the link I provided to help him win 25 grand to make more killer music and buy his hot wife something sweet like a UL with a sidecar. http://www.crankshaftmusic.com/

This was my favorite ride at the whip farm.
Oh hell yeah.

Quick change rear ends are sexy and functional. I can also dig on the painted louvers… keeping your trunk cool and whatnot.
I shit a brick when I saw the suspension here it was so cool.
“This one for all you Chevy guys out there” – and he plays 327, Justin’s favorite song that he listens to constantly in his small block Pinto.

I sing along to all of Crankshaft’s music like a 15 year old girl to Miley Cyrus.

Steve’s Bass Boat Bathtub
The DJ’s were gorgeous. My next girl… she’ll have more tattoos than blank skin.
A sexy model A with 6 fucking carburetors.

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