Holy Z Handlebar Prototypes

A year or so back I saw these groovy bars on Joe Mason’s Panhead and I learned from Chris that they’re Holy Z’s. A style that was built by Drag Specialties in MN back in the 70’s when Jim Preisler was doing their marketing. Today there are a few places that are making reproduction copies of the Holy Bananas, which have a radius on the rise, but there was little to nothing for straight line Holy Z’s – so I decided to make a set of my own.

Chris helped me size up the angles from photos and the little we knew before I picked up some stock steel. I used 3/8″ bar stock for the rise and laid the holes with a Bridgeport mill; the originals looked pretty clean and they probably used similar equipment, but I’ve seen bars on eBay where the builders probably freehand drilled them while blindfolded.

I torched the stock and twisted it slightly for some pullback before tacking the parts up. My friend Mike Norrie, who did some incredible welding on my frame’s neck, does all of my finishing welds for the stuff I make and he TIG’ed the package up before sending it to chrome.

If you’re interested, email info@mustaribrand.com because I’ll be building more of them and to any dimension.

This band saw is a charm for cutting angles - you're looking at 5 degrees.
This band saw is a charm for cutting angles – you’re looking at 5 degrees.
Here they are after being tack welded - next was grinding and then finishing TIG welds.
Here they are after being tack welded – next was grinding and then finishing TIG welds.
All chromed up.
All chromed up.

Harley Davidson Chopper Open Road Harley Shovelhead Holy Z Bars

4 Comments Add yours

  1. biker jesus says:

    PullBack,Bridgeport,5 degrees ??
    Are You Speaking In A Made Up Language ?
    Seems Like Your Time Could Be Spent On More Productive Projects.
    Like Reading On The Internet About Interesting Things Men Are Doing.
    instead Of Making A Mockery Out Of the Bike Building Process.
    And By The Way, What The Hell Are “Steering Bars ”
    Are They Even Necessary ?
    5 Bucks Says Your Wearing A Fanny Pack Right Now.

    1. Listen Baby Jesus, you disappear for 2000 years and think you can just show up on my blog and critique the last century of chopper evolution?! Pa-leeze. Why don’t you walk across the ocean back home.

  2. Phenomenal work, brah! Now you just need to sprout a beard and grow some hair. Love what you doing heeah!

  3. EricThor says:

    Biker Jesus must be into those gay rabbit ear bars. I NEED SOME OF THESE!

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