Plans for a Harley Motor Stand

If you have more time and tools than cash make yourself a stand for your V-Twin before it comes out of the frame, if you don’t already own one. They also make great stocking-stuffers.

The plans were put together by an e-human called Starbound on the Club Chopper forum… I don’t hang there and found the image through a Google search. These were pretty solid and the text was clear so I went this route. I wanted to follow it exactly so I could recommend it here if it worked, which it did.

I was throwing my shovel in it and raised the mounting plates up an inch (7.5″ and 6″ high on each side vs noted), by preference since it seemed kind of low compared to others. I also used the 1.25″ angle iron, which is noted to work and I had it laying around, but when it was finished I had to shave the inside diameter between both sides wider to accommodate the motor. This could have been because it shrank or bent a little from welding or I shaved too much off of the square pipe while deburring, but regardless it only needed a little grinding to open it up.

The plan is below and Brad was rad enough to give it a little FTW Bobcat orange paint job today while he was spraying some equipment. I’ll throw up a photo with the motor in it later so you can see how it sits, but it was all good when I tried it last night.

Harley Motor Engine Stand Plans

Here it is finished:

Harley Motor Stand

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  1. Will there be a picture of the final stand on the blog?

    1. Yezzir, as soon as I can put my propulsion device upon it for scale and photographic compliment.

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