This guy was great… wanted to relive a little of summer.


This 1922 Harley Davidson JD stole the show for me at the Frankensteiners’ Ball last Sunday. There weren’t many bikes there, but the ones that showed face were all unique with this being the icing. I had the opportunity to meet John, the owner, and get some stories on its life.

John bought it completely disassembled in boxes some years back and underwent a four year restoration using all original parts, aside from some engine components whose life expectancies demand replacement. As far as he knows it is the original paint, which is displaying 90 years of wear, distress and fading. It also sports original upgraded options like a speedometer and volt meter. The speedometer on these is a marvel to look at mechanically with two gears meshed on the rear wheel (photo above) and a large cable drive going to the speedometer itself on the tank. Gauges weren’t backlit…

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