Frankensteiners’ 7th Ball in Anoka, MN

Justin & Holly on point in front of the DUB Impala with Lambo doors.
This Vette owner was doing a restoration, but decided to not let that keep him from driving it during the process. Looks like he started with motor and interior.

This windmill at the Anoka fairgrounds is haunted.

The 7th annual Frankensteiners Ball was the best show I’ve been to this year. They do a great job at throwing together an event that you can bring a kid or dawg to, but still get gnarly. The cars were great with over 1000 in attendance and burnouts were plentiful. We met a lot of good characters there and I’ll be putting up content and features for weeks to come… and even though the bike scene was small in comparison there were some incredible scoots, including an original 1922 Harley that I got the details on.

It’s held at the Anoka, MN fairgrounds and the place becomes comfortably packed in a traditional setting with wood buildings and stables. The theme is centralized on Halloween being around the corner and general weirdness with costumes and antics ensues.

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