Road Trips & New Kicks

I spent the night at Morlock’s up nort’ the other weekend and it was a good excuse to load everything up on the Shovel for an outdoor camping experience. Herk’s trying it on for size in the photo.

I’m especially keen on the backrest that I get out of the pack when it’s on and I’m leaning toward hardtailing the bike this winter so I can get a proper king/queen seat and reclined riding position. I’ve seen that center photo floating on the web for some time, but it would make for a heavenly swap meet to stumble upon.

After 2 years it was time for some new shoes. Columbus&Co said swap your laces so I did… booyah! Fit, form & function.

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  1. Justin Moen says:

    Are those the shoes you bought on east lake?

    Yeah they are you bought them in that real hip store where all the sophisticated people shop. What was the name of that place?

    Oh yeah it was footlocker!!!!!

    1. That’s funny, I remember it being really cultural and eclectic like thick-rimmed glasses, or something.

      1. Justin Moen says:

        Sorry for making fun.

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